Demagnetization - Service on location

Short description

We also remove undesired magnetism as a service. You can send us your product, or our specialist can come to you to solve your problem.


  • For incidental demagnetization
  • For complex or large products
  • Can be used almost anywhere
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Demagnetizing service
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Detailed product description

Goudsmit can also demagnetize/degauss your products for you, at our location or yours. For complex and/or very large products. Even if you only require occasional demagnetization, this option can save you space and money.
We are happy to provide you with an offer based on the dimensions, type of material and quantity.


  • demagnetization of pipelines (incl. oil pipelines);
  • degaussing of large shafts or constructions;
  • the creation of a temporary counterfield for built-in constructions so welding can be performed;
  • one-time demagnetization of products.