Mobile demagnetization unit

Short description

The compact, mobile demagnetization unit is flexible and easy to move. Ideal for hard-to-reach places or when you don't need to demagnetize daily.


  • Easy to move
  • For thick-walled or packaged products
  • For practically every product size
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Mobile demagnetization unit
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Detailed product description

Goudsmit has developed the mobile demagnetization unit specifically for use in your own environment, without the intervention of a Goudsmit specialist.
The demagnetization unit consists of a special demagnetization cable on a handy trolley. Wrapping the cable around the product creates an inductive coil. The control generates a strongly alternating magnetic field of dissipating strength. This mimics a non-portable demagnetization tunnel, and utilizes the same basic principle.

The optional control trolley is equipped with an interface with preprogrammed basic functions with which you, without much knowledge of demagnetization, can remove magnetism from most common products. The demagnetization system is automatically configured for use by simply answering a number of questions on the display.
The reel provides a quick means of winding the cable up and off, the trolley provides convenient portability. This gives you a compact, flexible demagnetization system for use at a moment’s notice.


Product keyPriceCable length
Mobile_demagnetization_unit.jpgMore informationRequest an offerHDCA100 m