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Magnetic sweepers/brooms

Short description

Magnetic brooms 'sweep up' iron particles from clean or rough floors or sandy surfaces; they are mainly used areas where iron is difficult or impossible to sweep up or is not visible, such as in sand.


  • Push manually or tow as a trailer
  • Magnet system: magnetic plate
  • Magnet width 300-1600 mm
  • Quick cleaning through use of extractor plates
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Magnetic sweepers
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Detailed product description


Magnetic brooms (magnetic sweepers) 'sweep up' iron particles from clean or rough floors or sandy surfaces. They work well in areas where it is very difficult to sweep up iron (or just the iron and nothing else) or it is not visible, such as in sand.


The standard magnetic sweeper contains a strong plate magnet covered by a separation plate (extractor plate). After the floor has been swept the separation plate can be swung away, causing the iron particles to fall in a pile. The pile can then be easily swept up with a dustpan and broom.


Besides the standard magnetic brooms there are many other types available, such as:

  • simple version with bar magnet;
  • coarser types for use on forklift tines (forklift magnets);
  • magnetic brooms that can be attached like a trailer. 


Magnet width


PriceArticle numberTypeMagnet width
Magnetic_sweeper_SEMV030020_3D.jpgMore informationSEMV030020Bar type - manually operated300 mmRequest an offer
Magnetic_sweeper_SEMV062020.jpgMore informationSEMV062020RMS2 - manually operated620 mmRequest an offer
Magnetic_sweeper_SEMV092020.jpgMore informationSEMV092020RMS3 - manually operated920 mmRequest an offer
Magnetic_sweeper_SEMV150020.jpgMore informationSEMV150020Forklift magnet1500 mmRequest an offer
Magnetic_sweeper_SEMV_E0017327.jpgMore informationE0017327For attaching as a trailer1600 mmRequest an offer


Type E0017327:
  • interface for tow hitch