Permanent holding magnets

Suitable for industry: Construction  

Short description

The permanent holding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are suitable for holding steel forms in place in the concrete industry.


  • Not switchable
  • Max. holding force: 9000 N
  • Compact design
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Detailed product description

Our permanent magnetic clamps are suitable when you want to quickly hold things in a certain position. For example, when you want to temporarily position metal profiles for use as a form while pouring a concrete floor.
These clamping magnets are designed to obtain the highest possible holding power. To achieve this, good contact with the surface is necessary, since even a small air gap will reduce the holding power.

Permanent holding magnets, or clamping magnets, can be used to hold steel panels, beams, fences and jigs in place.
A provision on the magnet enables the user to release the work piece again. This flexible system saves time, money and manpower.


PriceArticle numberArticle numberLengthWidth
Permanent holding magnet OFNR200405.jpgMore informationRequest an offerOFNR200405200 mm41 mm