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I-Sens separator

Suitable for industry: Recycling 

Short description

Removal of all the metal particles (even stainless steel and lead) in a continuous process by means of a detection plate with sensors that activate corresponding pneumatic ejection valves. Only works with a monolayer.


  • Separation of all metals from 5-25 mm
  • Also suitable for stainless steel and lead
  • Ejection by means of air pulses
  • For belt widths 400 - 2000 mm
  • Developed for recycling industry
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  • I-Sens separator

Detailed product description


A recent development at Goudsmit is the I-Sens sensor separator (Inductive Air Separator). This metal separator perfectly complements the separation process before or after the eddy current separators. The separation principle consists of a conveyor belt in which a sensor plate is mounted just before the final roller. This sensor plate detects a metal particle as well as the line along which the metal particle is located on the belt. Then the software calculates the exact location, and the metal particle is ejected from the steam with an air pulse during its free-fall curve, after which it falls behind a partition. Specially developed for the recycling industry.

Advantages of the I-Sens sensor separator:

  • suitable for all types of metal (including stainless steel and lead);
  • adjustable sensor sensitivity;
  • improves product quality.