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Fridge & refrigerator magnets

We sell refrigerator magnets in all shapes and sizes. For magnetic advertisement Goudsmit Magnetic Design not only offers a wide range of standard fridge magnets but also custom-made magnets of your own design. The standard magnets are almost always available direct from stock, but if you prefer a unique refrigerator magnet with strength and quality, Goudsmit Magnetic Design is also your perfect partner. Large magnets or little magnets, with logo, doming or advertising text? It would be our pleasure to help you develop and produce just the right fridge magnets. Request a quotation today.


Note block magnetic Post-It

A magnetic note block is an ideal way to draw attention to your name and serves as a continual reminder. Ideal for home, office or workplace.

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Custom whiteboard magnets

Goudsmit Magnetic Design sells custom whiteboard magnets in various standard models and dimensions. They can be completely personalized to your specifications. Browse the possibilities.

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Star, heart & arrow shaped magnets

We have a huge selection of memo magnets in the shape of a star, arrow or heart. Because they have an extra-large surface, they are easy to personalize.

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Domed magnets

Whether you are interested in standard models or a custom design, at Goudsmit you can buy various types of domed magnets. Perfectly suited for stylish presentation of your logo or brand.

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