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Magnetic gadgets & souvenir magnets

Souvenir magnets and magnetic gadgets are a lasting remembrance. At Goudsmit Magnetic Design you have a huge choice of both magnetic and non-magnetic souvenirs. When it comes to magnets, gadgets and souvenir items for tourist information centres, museums and souvenir shops, you can find everything you're looking for right here. Let us surprise you... browse our huge selection. 
We deliver standard products and high-quality business gifts made of wood, plastic or high-grade steel. But our speciality is providing a suitable souvenir item for each customer to match their needs and budget.


Waterglobes & snow globes

You can have snow and glitter globes made at Goudsmit Magnetic Design. A transparent globe with a miniature scene and glitter or snow. Have a look at all the possibilities.

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Magnetic lapel pins

At Goudsmit Magnetic Design you can have them custom-made. Take a good look at the possibilities and order the magnetic pins you like most.

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Magnetic purse hanger & hook

With a roll-up bag hanger with magnetic sure you can always hang your bag within hand's reach and in sight. Your bag stays clean on the bottom and out of reach of thieves.

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Magnetic vase (Flowerz)

Flowerz is a stylish vase, printed with logo or advertising text, made of clear, hand-blown glass that can be mounted to any desk, cabinet or wall.

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Magnetic flower pot (Twinzz)

Twinzz is the magnetic flower pot that floats on the window! One half extends outside, the other inside. Great for use at the office or at home on your own balcony.

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Magnetic paperclip holder

Keep all your paper clips together with this magnetic paper clip holder. The Goudsmit ClipCeeper® has become a true classic in our product range.

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Magnetic games

We deliver magnetic games of your own design, like darts. See all the possibilities here.

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