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Magnetic signs

Goudsmit Magnetic Design supplies various magnetic signs for shop displays, trade show presentations and car-side advertising. From printed magnetic plates for on your car door to in-store graphics. Magnets for retail applications and magnetic film are very practical for boosting name recognition or promoting an event. We offer a large assortment of magnetic products available direct from stock. A magnetic plate with printing for on the car, or exchangeable graphic prints on ferrous film? We take care of it all, from concept to finished product.


Car magnets & magnetic car signs

Would you like to quickly and easily make your car into a company car? It's simple with magnetic car signs from Goudsmit Magnetic Design.

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Advertising magnets

Are you looking for a solution for in-store graphics that the shop personnel can easily put up themselves? Have a look at what Goudsmit Magnetic Design has to offer.

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