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Magnetic sheet & magnetic tape

Magnetic sheets & magnetic tape are suitable for various industrial and graphical applications. It is available by the roll or by the sheet; coloured or brown backing material; film or strip; in various thicknesses, qualities and pull forces; with or without self-adhesive. The advantage of flexible magnetic solutions is that they are easy to slice, cut or punch. Standard versions of the magnetic material are available direct from stock, and we can also custom make material to your specifications.


Magnetic foil and rolls

Order flexible magnetic foil from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. You can write on, print, slice or cut this magnetic foil. Whatever you like. Have a look at all the possibilities.

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Magnetic tape & magnetic strip

With magnetic tape the possibilities are truly endless. After all, you can write on it, print on it, slice it with a knife and cut it with scissors. Available on rolls or as individual labels.

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Ferrous film

Order ferrous film, the ideal counterpart for magnetic film, from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. Ideal for use as a memo board or for stand construction and exhibition displays.

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Magnetic paper

Magnetic photo paper is magnetic on one side and has a printable surface layer with either a satin or glossy finish on the other. Use it to make your own refrigerator magnet or magnetic photo.

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