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Magnetic labels, holders and pockets

In a logistically optimized warehouse it is clear at a glance where everything can be found. Magnets contribute greatly to this in the form of magnetic labels, holders and magnetic label pockets. The magnetic labels and label holders are, of course, easy to place and remove. And of course you can have them printed with a logo and/or text. Ideal as a gift for your business contacts.


Magnetic barcode labels

Magnetic barcode labels are handy for marking and coding lockers, warehouse shelving and office cabinets. Have a look at all the possibilities.

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Signposting magnets

Magnetic locations signs are very easy to mount and relocate, and they never leave behind unsightly adhesive residue. Browse the possibilities at Goudsmit Magnetic Design.

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Magnetic sleeves & label holders

Easily attach documents such as packing slips or stock pick lists with the magnetic sleeves and label holders that you can buy from Goudsmit Magnetic Design.

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