Magnetic reward & chore chart

Suitable for industry: Promotional  Training / education 

Short description

Magnetic reward boards are a playful way to help children visualize their progress. Browse the possibilities for reward boards and planning boards at Goudsmit Magnetic Design.


  • Available in any desired size
  • Full-colour printing possible
  • Magnetic and writable
  • For home or school
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Magnetic reward chart
Magnetic chore chart
Jupiler Magnetic reward & chore chart

Detailed product description

Magnetic reward charts are a playful way for children to see how they are progressing. The magnetic chore chart is commonly used in families with young children to establish more structure and consistency. Combined with magnets or pictograms, they are a very valuable tool for raising children.

Goudsmit Magnetic Design produces and develops a custom magnetic reward charts with you. Interested? Why not request a quotation now?