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Magnetics walls

Make your walls magnetic.

Without too much trouble or professional tools you can easily make an entire wall magnetic so you can call attention to posters, notes or advertising material attractively, without drilling or screws.

The walls have no frames, profiles or seams and are barely visible.


Magnetic sheet

Changing the full-colour graphics, and thus the appearance of your shop or showroom, is quick and easy – it all starts for self-adhesive magnetic foil.

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Whiteboard film

You make your own magnetic whiteboard. It is writable with whiteboard markers and easily erasable.

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Magnetic wallpaper

Attach the magnetic wallpaper with ready-to-use wallpaper adhesive. Ideal for hanging photos, drawings and notes in an office, kitchen, school, waiting room or child’s room.

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Chalkboard wallpaper

Chalkboard magnetic wallpaper is a good alternative to a standard chalkboard or school board. Writable with special school board chalk.

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Frameless whiteboard walls

Frameless magnetic whiteboards. Tiled together to obtain any desired dimensions. Flexibility in terms of dimensions and layout. The wall is magnetic receptive, writable and erasable.

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Magnetic paint

A wall that is completely magnetic receptive. Practical and decorative. Just a matter of painting with magnetic paint. Paint again with any colour of your choosing.

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