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Smart non-ferrous separator with IOT module

Smart non-ferrous separator with IOT module

Goudsmit Magnetics from Waalre (Stand E117) will be presenting a recently upgraded Eddy Current Non-Ferrous Separator at Recycling in Gorinchem. The upgrade means that the control unit can optionally be expanded with an IOT (Internet of Things) module; this ma...

Magnetic separator for chocolate flakes

High gradient separator for food

We received a request from a producer of chocolate garnish for cakes, biscuits and yoghurt. The garnish is in the form of chips and granules that could possibly contain tiny pieces of metal less than <1 mm in diameter. This is a common problem in the produc...

Magnet determines exact location for surgical removal of tumours

Sirius pintuition system with Goudsmit magnetic seed

Sirius Medical, located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, launches a non-radioactive localization system for the improvement of breast cancer surgery. The exact location of the tumour is being marked by a very small implantable ‘seed’  in ...

Solae checks soya powder for metal contaminants with a Goudsmit magnet

Easy cleanflow magnet - Solae - Dupont

Our customer, Solae Belgium S.A. (a Dupont company), is a supplier of ingredients to the food industry. They recently tightened internal control for metal contaminants in their products. To this end, they installed a new type of magnetic separator in their pow...

Food industry: why do you have to measure magnets?

measure magnets - magnet inspection

We received a request from a French company that makes nougat. (The wonderful Nougat de Montélimar!) They wanted to have the magnets in their production facility measured in order to – in their own words – satisfy the quality standards and e...

Magnetic separator for large product flows

Easy clean flow magnetic separator

The automatically cleanable ‘Easy Clean flow’ magnetic separator removes metal particles and weakly magnetic stainless steel particles from powders as fine as 30 µm in the food, chemical, ceramic and plastic industries. The Easy Clean flow ma...

Mobile magnet system separates both ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Eddy current mobile ferrous and non-ferrous separator

Cooperation between Dutch company Goudsmit Magnetics of Waalre and German company Sortatec has resulted in a mobile metal separator that separates both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from bulk flows. The magnetic separator is easy to position in the right...

Safe separation of steel sheets with fail safe magnet

Fail safe magnetic sheet separator

Goudsmit's recently developed 'Fail Safe' magnetic sheet separator automatically separates steel sheets up to a thickness of approximately 4 mm. The separator is equipped with extremely powerful Neodymium magnets that can be switched...

Magnets for the sugar industry

magnetic separator for sugar

In recent months we have seen a rise in the number of magnets being ordered by customers active in the sugar industry. I asked my colleague Arthur Jonkman what lies behind this. Arthur explains, “The European sugar market was protected until a few years ...

Magnetic gripper for robot-end-of-arm tooling

magnetic robot-end-of-arm tooling

The recently improved magnetic gripper from Goudsmit Magnetics is used for the automated pick-up, placement or positioning of steel or other ferromagnetic objects. Examples include: removing sheet metal from presses destacking products from boxes (bin pi...

Heated magnetic filter removes iron particles from liquid chocolate

magnetic filter for chocolate

Double-walled magnetic filters from Goudsmit remove tiny iron particles as small as 30 µm from liquid chocolate. Heating the filter housing with warm water keeps the chocolate liquefied. The design of the magnetic filter was recently modified at a custom...

The Hyperloop: in 2030 we will travel from Amsterdam to Paris in half an hour (CO2-neutrally).


The Hyperloop is an alternative to the train or plane, but without energy costs, emissions or delays. Goudsmit will supply the magnets for this.   What is a hyperloop? A Hyperloop is a kind of pneumatic tube dispatch system that transports people and go...

Modular magnetic palletizer saves extra robot

Modular palletizing magnet

Goudsmit Magnetics recently redesigned its magnetic palletizer, which now consists of modules that are available in several versions. The maintenance-friendly magnet is suitable for palletizing and depalletizing tins, aerosol cans, canned goods and glass jars ...

How do you choose the right magnet for your application?

magnets fot automotive

We put this question to magnet expert Marc Teeuwen. He explains, 'Companies come to us with a problem concerning the integration of a magnet in a new or existing product. These magnets work together with sensors that guarantee flawless operation of countle...

Demagnetization on location: welding oil pipeline not possible

Demagnetization of oil pipeline

An oil pipeline that runs from Rotterdam to Venlo in the Netherlands and then splits to continue on to two locations in Germany required partial replacement; this was the finding of an inspection at the distribution station in Venlo. After cutting through the ...