Aerospace & Aviation certificate - AS9120 - for Goudsmit Magnetics

AS9120 Aviation  and aerospace certified company | Goudsmit Magnetics

AS9120 certification is of great importance in the aerospace industry. This qualifies a company to serve as a supplier to the demanding aerospace industry. Lloyd's officially granted Goudsmit Magnetic Supplies the certification required for delivering magnetic components and assemblies to the aerospace industry.

We asked  Sales Manager Marc Teeuwen why this certification is so important for Goudsmit. Marc replied, ‘Our step to obtain the AS9120 certification has been a very conscious one. We are already successful in the automotive industry and see plenty of opportunity for expansion in this industry in the coming years.

The technologically highly advanced aerospace industry, however, was a real challenge for us, as the production and supply requirements are even stricter. I therefore see this step as an excellent opportunity to take our entire organization to an even higher level while also –as a new entrant in this market– raising the bar for all the established suppliers of magnetic assemblies.’

Assembly and production techniques
Within the European market for the supply of magnetic components and assemblies to the aerospace industry, those with AS9120 certification are few indeed. Marc continues, ‘The fact that Goudsmit, with our experience and skill set as automotive supplier, is now entering the aerospace market will be a welcome announcement for the European aerospace industry. Meanwhile, we are also investing heavily in new assembly and production methods to ensure that we create an environment that is in line with market requirements.’


Process management
Goudsmit magnetics group quality and internal certification process manager, told us, ‘Goudsmit Magnetic Supplies has been IATF 16949 certified since 2008, and since then we have secured a position as a tier 1 supplier to the European automotive industry. So we clearly have all the basic processes firmly under control. But AS9120 demands an even greater focus on traceability.

We have worked very hard over the last few months to attain close control of these processes as well. During the Lloyd’s audit it quickly became apparent that aspects such as traceability and safeguarding a stable production process are verifiably entrenched in our organization. Being awarded the certificate was therefore a welcome affirmation of the efforts of the entire organization.’

Great potential
Marc adds, ‘Our Supplies division is already active as a supplier to the aerospace industry on a small scale, but many major OEMs insist that all their suppliers be in possession of the AS9120 certificate. Now that we are certified for not just ISO9001 and IATF 16949 but also AS9120, we are busy establishing a strong reputation as a specialized supplier and manufacturer of magnetic components and assemblies and look forward to new partnerships in the fast-growing European manufacturing industry.’

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