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The VDA6.3 standard, which was developed along with a series of other VDA6 standards by the German automotive industry, is intended for suppliers to the German manufacturing industry. The standard was re-evaluated in 2010 and harmonised with changes to the ISO/TS16949:2009 standards. This also involved the inclusion of customer-specific requirements for the auto industry. Since 2015, Goudsmit possesses the knowledge and skills among its personnel to conduct audits in accordance with the VDA6.3 standard.

VDA6.3 goes beyond the process-oriented approach of internal audits and offers additional tools. For example, we can simultaneously apply our standard approach for internal audits to all departments and divisions so we can compare the results with each other. The revised methodology also compels us to define the potential risks during preparation for a project and to place extra focus on those risks during the audit. This ensures that the reports we produce precisely specify the strengths and weaknesses of the controlled process and that we can prepare improvement plans based on these reports.

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