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Writable magnetic noteblock used for DM Campaign

Goudsmit Magnetic Design of Waalre recently delivered over 33,000 magnetic noteblocks with pen to the Dutch Centre for promotion of the Craft Economy (CvAE). These noteblocks served as an enticement for a DM campaign focused on drawing attention to the many craftspeople

we are so lucky to have in the Netherlands and to show how beautiful and important crafts can be. A photo competition was held in which craftspeople were asked to take a photo of their craft accompanied by a text conveying what craft means to them. Thatchers, stained glass artists, beauticians, pedicurists, ceramicists, pavers, butchers and hatmakers sent in their submissions. Het CvAE chose this product because the noteblock was a good match for the entire campaign. The noteblock, which is actually a mini-whitebord, has a deluxe look and is personalised with the CvAE logo, could be sent as an enclosure with the letter and is a useful and lasting gift for the recipients. What’s more, it had a prominent place in the photo contest: the craftspeople could write their accompanying text on it.

magnetic_notebloc_craft magnetic_notebloc_pen



The magnetic noteblock recently designed by Goudsmit Magnetic Design is an environmentally friendly promotional item that sticks to a metal surface, such as a refrigerator, desk or memo board. It doesn’t use any paper, can be written on time and time again, is dry erasable and can be printed with a logo or advertising message. The special, durable surface layer can be written on with the supplied magnetic mini-marker. A practical, permanent tool for notes, shopping lists and to-do lists. Suitable for use at home, at the office or in the workshop. Dimensions: 110 x 80 mm, with soft grey, plastic frame. Can be personalised with 35 mm full colour doming. Minimum quantity 100 pieces.

magnetic_notebloc_craft magnetic_notebloc_fridge

CvAE background information
Attention for crafts. CvAE achieves this by sharing knowledge of, for and about crafts. Sector organisations and unions work together in the CvAE, for crafts ranging from paver to beautician. The CvAE creates an online community for craft sectors with sector-specific pages. At present there are sector pages available for ten craft sectors. Craftspeople can visit the sector pages for information, news, inspiration and tools, with which they can prefessionalise their company.