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Lightweight palletization magnet for robot applications

Goudsmit will show a new palletization magnet at the PPMA in Birmingham. It is intended for palletizing filled glass jars, tins and aerosol cans and is suitable for robot applications. The use of powerful Neoflux® magnets in an aluminium enclosure results in weight reduction and makes the palletizer also suitable for smaller robot arms. This results in considerable cost savings.

A further benefit of the client specific design of the connection to the robot arm is a savings of several kilograms of weight. The palletization magnet has vacuum suction cups for removing the paper separator sheets as well as an extra gripper for moving the empty pallet. Even at an acceleration of 2m/sec2 the magnetic plate continues to hold the load securely. The palletizing magnets are made to order.



The lightweight palletization magnet has been developed for clients such as special machine builder FleetwoodGoldcoWyard in Romeoville, IL (USA), which makes complete production lines for the food industry. They wanted to use a KUKA robot for a packaging line that employs a magnetic gripper to palletize filled jars. The Goudsmit R&D department developed a lightweight palletization magnet of this type to meet the established requirements. The system can also be optionally fitted with quick-change connectors for robots.