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Powerful magnets help to prevent gaps and holes in walls and ceilings

Goudsmit has recently begun supplying special flexible magnetic belts and magnetic systems produced from exceptionally strong Nd-Fe-B (Neodymium) magnetic material. These systems have been designed to allow objects to be fixed to steel ceilings and walls in spaces including hygiene areas in hospitals, clean rooms, rooms with climate ceilings, offices and shops. Gaps and holes in surfaces located in these areas are

prohibited, ruling out the option of drilling and screwing. In this case, magnets offer the ideal solution. Neodymium magnetic material is five times stronger than standard ferrite magnetic material. Flexible magnetic belts ensure strong, secure fixing of objects such as smoke detectors, curtain rails and cable holders. For heavier objects such as security cameras and switch cabinets, the company offers a magnetic system with a rubber seal, which helps to prevent scratches on ceilings and walls.


The flexible magnetic belt is magnetised on one side with multiple poles. The non-magnetic side features a strong double-sided self-adhesive. Belts can be supplied in custom dimensions as sheets or strips in thicknesses from 0.4 mm to as much as 12.0 mm. Belts can be cut to size as required. In addition to wall and ceiling fixing, belts are also suitable as fasteners and seals, for use in loudspeakers and for hanging advertising boards and signs.

Rubber-encased Neodymium magnetic systems contain a double-sided self-adhesive or screw hole for easy fixing. Available in dimensions from 31 mm to 88 mm diameter. Standard colours: black and white.