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Smooth conveying of sharp steel parts

At Euroblech in Hannover Goudsmit Magnetics (Stand 12 - B153) present a magnetic slide conveyor. These are used in the metal and sheet metal processing industry. They offer the right solution for the smooth transport of steel parts such as: punching waste, pressing scrap, trim waste, ball bearings, nails, turning, milling and drilling swarf and other steel parts. Slide conveyors have no

external moving parts such as plastic conveyor belts. This makes them especially well suited for transporting sharp steel parts. They are trustworthy and safe, require minimal installation space and require little to no maintenance.


Operation magnetic conveyor

A stationary stainless steel slide plate is mounted above magnet systems mounted at intervals along a chain. This chain is driven by a gear reduction motor that sets the magnet systems in motion. The magnets move the steel parts along the slide plate and smoothly carry them to the discharge end.

The magnetic slide conveyor offers several advantages with regard to other conveyors;   it requires minimal installation space, contains no external rotating parts and therefore  conveying belts don’t have to be replaced. The conveyor has a steep transport angle of 60°, is completely dust and liquid proof and suitable for use in an oil- or water bath. This makes it suitable for oiled and abrasive products. The magnetic conveyor can be delivered in any desired dimension.