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Magnetic, writable black walls

Goudsmit Magnetic Design recently added magnetic blackboard film to its range of product offerings. It is intended for use in schools, crèches, public spaces, offices, and waiting and consultation rooms and is even handy for use at home.

The blackboard film contains fine iron particles on a plastic substrate. The material can be written on with blackboard chalk and erased with a damp cloth. Special strong magnets can also be used to affix notes, drawings, photos, posters and other thin objects to it. Blackboard film has the look and feel of a traditional school blackboard yet the convenience of a magnetic whiteboard. This special film was recently used to decorate the children’s rooms at a new big-name holiday village.


Design blackboard film 

The blackboard film is available from stock in the colour matte black and, on request, also in matte green. The material is approximately 0.2 mm thick and comes on rolls up to 30 metres long in widths of 1270 mm or 635 mm. Goudsmit Magnetic Design can also supply the material cut to size. The blackboard film is also available with a self-adhesive backside. This makes it quick and easy to make a writable blackboard wall on any smooth surface. The material can be cut to any shape with scissors or a Stanley knife. Goudsmit also supplies the special magnets suitable for blackboard film 



(fPhoto; courtesy to VT Wonen)