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What makes a pot magnet a strong all-rounder?

Fastening, clamping, lifting, positioning or mounting... a pot magnet can do them all. Moreover, this strong all-rounder has a means of attachment. Manufactured with a threaded bush, rod or hole, or just an ordinary hole, the pot magnet can be firmly screwed in place. A steel pot ensures that there is just one attracting surface; this prevents the magnetic field from spreading. Otherwise objects in the direct vicinity might become undesirably magnetized. The applications are numerous:

Stand & interior building

In the stand, interior and furniture building sectors, for example, pot magnets are used for the semi-permanent attachment of facing walls and acoustic panels, video screens and lighting. To prevent scratches, the magnet is sealed in a rubber coating; this also prevents the magnet from sliding down a surface. Pot magnets are also suitable for ceiling and wall mounting of flat screens, cameras, fire alarms and luminaires. This type of magnet also keeps radiators and facade panels tightly in its grip. Not to mention curtain clips and cabinet doors!

Magnet for firealarm


Displays & signs

Pot magnets with a rubber coating hold rotating beacons and taxi or driving school advertising signs on cars without causing scratches. To give you an idea of how strong they are: the magnet for car roofs has a holding power of 40 kg for a surface area of about 8 cm2 and is resistant to all sorts of weather conditions. The big advantage is that everything can be mounted and removed quickly and easily. This makes it a simple way to promote a company or product during the week yet still be able to drive around anonymously at the weekends. In shops and public spaces, mounting magnets hold displays on steel shelving and walls. Fitted with a hook they keep direction signs and advertisements in clear view.

Car roof magnet


Metal sector & toolmakers

In the metal and steel fabrication and toolmaking industries, pot magnets are used for positioning ferromagnetic work pieces. This works well even at high temperatures: for painting and powder coating lines, curing ovens, and cast and welded parts. Because pot magnets have just one attracting surface, work pieces or machine parts located close to the pot magnet do not become magnetized. Summing up: the pot magnet is a versatile all-rounder that provides various solutions for a huge range of industries and processes.


Fixation magnets


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