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Magnetic coat hanger within reach

Where can I hang my coat? You’re standing in your new office and look searchingly about you. The cloakroom has not yet been installed and the lease clearly states that drilling into or attaching screws to the wall is not permitted. How simple it would be if you could just hang your coat on a coat-hook on the side of the filling cabinet.
Take a magnet and a coat-hanger and you’ve got a magnetic coat-hook. Goudsmit designs and supplies them! This magnetic cloakroom element can be fitted and removed just as quickly if necessary, without drilling or screwing and in any required position.

magnetische garderobe

In any location

Should it appear that the filling cabinet is not quite the right spot for a coat-hook, it can be easily moved to a steel door-frame or partitioning wall. Of course there are many more potential applications outside the office situation. In the home for example, or in changing rooms, caravans, or as an emergency coat-hanger in the catering industry – there’s no end of possibilities. The user can place the magnet coat hanger wherever required, well out of sight or within easy reach. This exceptional cloakroom element can be fitted wherever it is needed. The only condition: a magnetic surface or a magnetic wall.  


For heavy coats too 

The principle of the magnetic cloakroom element is simple. The system consists of a strong magnet on to which an accompanying coat-hanger is attached. The magnet is covered with soft rubber, so that the fitting point suffers no damage whatsoever. Not only light jackets, but also heavy coats or bags can be hung on the magnetic cloakroom element. The magnet is powerful enough to carry a heavy winter coat.


magnetisch kapstokhaak


 A magnetic coat-hook; simple and practical !