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Sustainable electro drum magnet removes large iron pieces

Goudsmit has recently developed a new series of electro drum magnets that can be used for separating large iron / ferro pieces from product flows that contain many large sharp iron pieces. In these situations, a top belt magnet is not appropriate because of the considerable wear and tear it causes to the conveyor belt. These electro drum magnets are suitable for, among other things, metal processors, such as auto shredders or household waste shredders, in order to withdraw the iron pieces from the shredded product in one step, or even two steps. The magnet has 3 settings: Eco power, Nominal power and High power and needs less current for less heavy tasks. If more power is required, the magnet settings can be easily adjusted. This way the electro drum magnets are very sustainable in use.


This drum magnet has been developed in order to generate a deep catch field and obtain a clean scrap iron product which raises the market value. The magnet is placed well above the vibrating trough leading from the shredder and the transport of the iron pieces takes place via the top. This step can be repeated in order to clean the already separated iron fraction a second time, resulting in an even better quality iron scrap.


This type of electro drum magnets must be powerful and robust, given the enormous load they have to cope with (many large, sharp iron pieces). The casing is made of wear-resistant material. Goudsmit uses very thick manganese steel for the casing and extractors. An extra wear layer between the extractors is an additional option. The optimisation and saturation of the steel in respect of the magnet coil has been developed to a maximum which results in the creation of a very strong magnetic field.

The drum magnets have a format of Ø1500x2000 mm and a maximum power of 15 kW. For smaller shredders, dimensions of Ø1000x1200 mm and 5.5 kW suffice. This type of drum magnets is suitable for fraction volumes of up to a maximum of 220 mm and 50 tonnes per hour, depending on the specific situation.

Application field

Shredder flows, household waste, electric and electronic waste, combustion/steel production slag, minerals, wood processing.