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Goudsmit member of NEVAT

Goudsmit Magnetics Group recently joined NEVAT. This Dutch initialization stands for ‘Netwerk van Ambitieuze Toeleveranciers’ (network of ambitious suppliers), and the organization consists of various platforms, each with its own specialization. Goudsmit is a member of Holland Automotive (HA), a market-oriented sector group within NEVAT. The group represents the interests of companies within the Dutch and international car, bus and truck industry (OEMs) as well as those of the large
national and international system and module suppliers. The latter are important customers of the Dutch supply industry. Dutch suppliers of complete systems, subsystems, modules and specific products and processing techniques come together in this sector group. Their products vary from raw materials to metal, plastic and electrical/electronic components, such as the magnets and magnet assemblies that Goudsmit supplies. 

magnet assemblies


More and more manufacturers in the automotive industry (OEMs) are collaborating, as a result of which members such as Goudsmit increasingly have to consider their position in this chain and the role they can play for their customers. In the automotive industry, suppliers are also subject to stringent requirements in terms of price, quality, logistics and delivery reliability as well as product development. As a result, suppliers to the automotive industry deliberately choose this industry as customer and achieve a larger share of their total sales in this sector.

Magnets & automotive

Quality and safety requirements are hot topics in the automotive industry. As a supplier of products such as permanent magnets based on various materials, Goudsmit has worked with its customers to ensure it plays a role in the chain integration process so as to be involved in the engineering, development and testing processes for magnet components and assemblies. This applies not only to the application engineering but also to the sourcing of high-quality products. After all, magnets have widely ranging automotive applications. From door locks to sunroofs, ABS, loudspeakers, windshield wipers and electric windows, magnets are indispensable in a car. Since safety is the highest priority, quality is paramount, especially in this sector. Goudsmit's ISO/TS 16949 automotive quality certificate, along with advanced measuring equipment, ensures that its magnets meet quality and safety requirements on all fronts. 

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