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Artist makes Gravity Table with Goudsmit electro magnet

Artist Jolán van der Wiel recently realized a five-year dream. With the help of a number of employees and an electromagnet from Goudsmit Magnetics of Waalre, he created a one-piece table that consists entirely of liquid synthetic resin and 250 kilos of metal powder. He did this on behalf of the Groninger Museum, for which the artist had previously made the Gravity Stool, which was also exhibited in various other countries. The table has a diameter of 1.3 m, is 0.75 m high and weighs over 400 kilos.



Before starting the actual project, a test was first carried out using just metal powder. The test showed that the tray in which the mixture of synthetic resin and metal powder came to lie on the underside had to be fitted with magnets. This was necessary to achieve the desired 0.75 m height of the table. Knowledge of electromagnetism was a must, because the table had to be raised slowly and the magnet had to remain switched on for 24 hours while the curing process took place. This is not really a common duty cycle for a magnet, as they are usually used to lift objects and then release them in a continuous process with a short duty cycle. Goudsmits electrical experts Joost Schutte and Marcel van Weert were involved in the preparations. A welded bottom tray of non-magnetic material was placed on a pallet, under which permanent magnets were placed. A stainless steel plate was placed between electromagnet and product. Mixing the resin with iron powder was very important. This had to be done quickly, in small batches, because otherwise the plastic would cure too quickly. Fifteen people were needed for this.


Groninger Museum

The ultimate result is a magnetic table made of plastic stalactites. It will soon be exhibited as a magnetic project in the Groninger museum, next to the Gravity Stool that the artist made earlier.

Watch the video of the process here:

jolan.gravity.table 4