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Magnetic separation, lifting and positioning of sheet metal

Goudsmit presents a combination of a magnetic timing belt, sheet separator and magnetic gripper. With this unit sheets of steel can be quickly and accurately separated, lifted and placed in a press. The timing belt transports the sheets to and from, in and out of the press. This is done with an acceleration rate of 6 m/s2. The optional switchable permanent magnets or electromagnets
make it possible for robots to then pick up the sheets. Goudsmit magnetic grippers, optionally fitted with a friction pad, handle the sheets without damage and provide sufficient friction where needed. To prevent two sheets from being picked up together, the system is equipped with two compact, pneumatically switchable sheet separators. The timing belt is suited for a sheet thickness of 0.7-2.5 mm.

Sheet separators

The newly developed magnetic sheet separators are fitted with extremely powerful neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets and can be switched on and off pneumatically. Switchable sheet separators separate stacked steel sheet, enabling a robot to lift them off the stack one at a time. Without such separators, oiled sheets stick together and the robot occasionally picks up two sheets at the same time. As a result, a sheet may fall off or two may be placed in a press together, which can result in considerable damage.

magnetische platenscheider  

Magnetic grippers

Magnetic grippers or Robot end-of-arm-tooling, can be fitted with a rubber friction lining and are used to pick up or grab objects such as steel sheets (even perforated sheets) and blanks in robotic applications. The ultralight magnets can be switched on and off pneumatically. This enables the system to pick up and transport even very thin steel sheets one at a time. The rubber pad at the end prevents damage and sliding of the work piece during vertical pick-up. These magnetic grippers replace the traditional vacuum grippers, which are susceptible to malfunction and subject to wear. Vacuum grippers also have suction cups must be positioned correctly, because if they are even partially over a hole in the metal sheet they will not grip at all. A magnetic gripper with permanent magnets is light, wear-resistant and has a longer service life than vacuum grippers.



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