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Sustainable Eddy-Current separators easy to use

Goudsmit's new eccentric Eddy Current separators have recently been updated with the goal of raising the level of user-friendliness and sustainability. In particular, the settings and the separation plate have been improved. The separation plate is now more easily accessible with the result that the machine can be set more accurately and precise grade recovery values can be obtained.

Magnet rotor
The eccentric magnet rotor can be adjusted to various angles in respect of the outer casing and this makes it possible to influence the moment of extrusion of non-ferrous metals. Since the magnet rotor is place eccentrically in respect of the outer casing, iron particles cannot become attached to the outer casing and thus cause in-banding problems.

Eddy current separators are available in following types:

  • 12-pole magnet rotor (maximum 300 Hz): suitable for 80+ mm fractions
  • 22-pole magnet rotor (maximum 550 Hz): suitable for standard 20-80 mm fractions
  • 22HI-pole magnet rotor (maximum 733 Hz): suitable for fine 0-20 mm  fractions (this type is 15% stronger than the standard 22-pole machine).
  • 38-pole magnet rotor (maximum 1100 Hz): suitable for 0-5 mm fractions

In addition to the standard line, we are always willing to discuss the specific requirements for non-standard applications.

Use areas
Household waste (shredded), combustion slag from household waste, electric and electronic scrap, glass recycling, heavy and light shredder residues (e.g. Auto Shredder Residue), wood and/or chipboard recycling. Available machine widths: 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 mm.