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Coronavirus latest news

The coronavirus outbreak has become a global problem. At Goudsmit Magnetics we are fully aware of the impact.


We too have to deal with production facilities in China that remain closed for longer, as well as imposed quarantine measures and travel bans. These are necessary and justified measures by local authorities to limit the spread of the virus. There is a continuous evaluation of the situation with the corresponding adjustments. Health is paramount.

We are currently reviewing outstanding orders, production schedules and current stocks. We do our utmost to meet your demand.

We would like to point out that price requests are also delayed and take longer lead times into account. The actual impact will only be known when the production facilities are fully operational again.

Productionis partly getting back on track. Air freight transport has also been resumed. The expectation is that production will not be in full swing until the end of March. A lot of work will have to be done to catch up. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with delays.

We have frequent contact with our suppliers and we will ensure that you are kept informed as well as possible about the progress.

We count on your understanding and thank you for your support. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions.

or call our employees on +31 40 2219015