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Goudsmit joins Brainport Industries

On June 4 2015 Goudsmit Magnetic Supplies joined Brainport Industries. Brainport brings suppliers together so that they can share experience and knowledge, to the advantage of the entire high-tech supply chain. In this way, high-tech suppliers strengthen their position and have all the resources
and knowledge necessary to make high-value products and ensure quality. Goudsmit satisfies all Brainport's selection criteria. The company supplies permanent magnets for industries including the automotive, electronics and medical sectors. The "Open Supply Chain" that Brainport offers the company provides the opportunity to act as a supplier, involved in development of products including machines for OEMs, at a much earlier stage, and through to a much later stage. Joining forces in terms of resources, knowledge and development leads to innovative products in the High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Lifetec and Design fields, and it offers suppliers, such as Goudsmit, access to foreign markets. In addition, Brainport offers a solution for the knowledge exchange needs in the field of chain management and optimisation. The competences of participant companies are regularly tested. CERTIFICATION
As one of the few European magnet suppliers, Goudsmit Magnetic Supplies has ISO 9001: 2008, ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certification and is competent to execute internal VDA 6.3 process audits – For which the company makes optimum use of an active global distribution network. In addition, we offer you support from our skilled R & D and Quality engineers, who use the most advanced measuring devices, including a Permagraph, Helmholtz coils, Gauss meters and a CMM 3D measuring bench.