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Magnetic key ring and tool in one

Goudsmit Magnetic Design has a new magnetic key ring designed in the shape of a bolt. This sturdy giveaway known as ‘Bolt’ doesn’t only keep your keys together by means of a chain, it also has a super strong
Neodymium magnet which means it attaches itself easily to any steel surface. It can also be used to pick up small metal items such as nails and screws that are lying in inaccessible places.
The key ring has a robust image and is made of chrome steel. 
Its shine beckons you! The flat head of Ø 28 mm can be engraved with a logo or text. The key ring measures 30 x 16 mm, can be packed individually and is a delightful giveaway for building markets, do-it-yourself shops, metal and recycling companies and suppliers of fixing materials.