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Goudsmit successful at Blechexpo

At the Blechexpo in Stuttgart, which was held the first week of November, the innovative systems shown by Goudsmit Magnetic Systems included magnetic grippers and slidebed conveyors. Slidebed conveyors transport
small steel parts and punch scrap to and from production and processing machines. Conveyors of this type have no moving belt that can be damaged by the sharp products or which pieces of metal can become trapped underneath, causing the production process to come to a halt. Slide conveyors can also be placed in a trough of water or oil without any problems. 
Magnetic grippers are used to pick up and move sheets of steel and steel products in the automotive and sheet metal fabrication industries, among others. They provide guaranteed magnetic force that continues in full force even when the power or compressed air is shut off, and they require no reconfiguration for use with different kinds of steel sheet, even if it's perforated. This product, developed by Goudsmit, drew the attention of International Sheet Metal Review which was so impressed they put it on the cover. You can find more information on this site. 

ISMR magnetic gripper