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We also remove undesired magnetism as a service. You can send us your product, or our specialist can come to you to solve your problem.

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  • For incidental demagnetization
  • For complex or large products
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Done by a Goudsmit expert
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Demagnetizing service
  • Demagnetization on location 3
  • Demagnetization on location 1
  • Demagnetization on location 2
  • Demagnetization on location 4
  • Demagnetizing for welding
  • Demagnetization outside

Detailed product description

On location

Goudsmit can carry out demagnetization of your products on your premises or ours.

For complex and/or very large products that are difficult to disassemble or to transport, our on-location service is usually the best solution. A demagnetization specialist from Goudsmit will come to your premises with a mobile demagnetization unit and rectify your problem on site.


  • Demagnetization of (oil) pipelines
  • Demagnetization of large shafts or constructions
  • The creation of a temporary counterfield for in-built constructions to facilitate welding of magnetic parts

Read the blogs about the experiences of our demagnetization specialist in India and about demagnetizing runner rails in Poland.

At Goudsmit

For one-off or incidental demagnetization, Goudsmit can demagnetize your parts on our premises. This saves you money and space.
For this, Goudsmit has demagnetization equipment and a specialist team with abundant experience in the demagnetization of tricky products.


  • Demagnetization of tools or moulds
  • Demagnetization of shafts, pipes, turning and milling tools that are too magnetic for welding
  • Demagnetization of (precision) parts whose function prohibits magnetism: piston rings, shaver heads, camshafts, saw blades, etc.

Our demagnetization specialists have a gaussmeter with which they can measure the magnetic flux density on site to determine if demagnetization will have the desired result.

Costs of a demagnetization specialist

Every demagnetization situation is different thanks to differences in material and shape. Demagnetization is not a routine task. For every order, our specialists select the most appropriate equipment in combination with correct parameter settings for the optimum result.
The final price is dependent on location, dimensions, shape, material type, quantity and accessibility to/workability of the product. Prices are, therefore, calculated in arrears.

For demagnetization on location/on our premises, we charge the following rates:

Travel costs


Mileage allowance


Travel time


Installation costs (one-off)


Labour time



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