Permanent magnetic drum separators for scrap

These robust permanent drum magnets are used for processing large volumes, containing large or sharp pieces, such as: scrap, metal mix or steel slag.

If an overband magnet is unsuitable due to high belt wear, this drum magnet is the solution. It is used as an overband but has a wear resistant shell.

This magnetic drum can also be used in pre-separation processes for separating large ferrous metals > 100 mm. Due to the large drum diameter, the ferrous parts have an optimum contact surface with the magnet.

  • Suitable for sharp or abrasive particles
  • Non-switchable (permanent magnet)
  • Automatic cleaning (continuous)
  • Capture Fe particles from 1 - 250 mm
  • For belt width 1000-2000 mm

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Summary : Scrap drum

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