Giga demagnetizing tunnel removes magnetization from large steel products

Demagnetizing tunnel for large objects | Goudsmit Magnetics

Goudsmit has launched a series of large format demagnetizing tunnels. The company is thereby satisfying an increasing demand from the market. The tunnels, with the corresponding demagnetising generator, have been developed and tested in-house, and are intended for products with a diameter of 2000 mm. Since today production work must be ever more accurate and efficient, the requirements set for residual magnetism are also increasing.

Welding problems
This residual magnetism causes problems in welding with the result that the quality and quantity of such work are greatly diminished. By making use of the recently developed demagnetising tunnel, the production process can proceed uninterrupted, with the required savings and high quality being maintained. The first series of these giga demagnetising tunnels is intended for the demagnetisation of gas transport pipes in Russia.

Various designs
The new demagnetising tunnels are also ideal for small connected, long or endless products such as steel wire. This is due, in part, to the 100% duty cycle combined with a demagnetising generator. For these continuous processes, the demagnetising tunnels can be supplied with a conveyor belt or a roller belt with an optional speed regulator.

On site
Demagnetisation on site is also one of the options and this has recently been expanded with a lightweight demagnetising generator that can also be used in locations that are difficult to access. By making use of this service, it is possible to demagnetise without acquiring expensive equipment and –if necessary- with the assistance and expertise of specialists. This saves time and money but, above all, improves quality.