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Industrial magnetic systems

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems designs and manufactures high quality magnetic systems intended for metal separation, recycling, metal handling, transport, lifting, holding and demagnetization in various branches of industry.
Intensive contact between the company, original equipment manufacturer and end user, in combination with years of accumulated knowledge and cutting-edge engineering, result in functional custom solutions. Throughout this entire process functional quality is our primary concern, from design to delivery.

Magnetic filtering

Magnetic filtering

Removal of iron contamination

When you need a way to remove metal particles, industrial magnetic separators from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are the perfect solution.
Recycling & sorting

Recycling & sorting

Magnetic separation of metals

Sorting of product streams, to separate metals from each other or other materials. For the elimination of impurities from raw materials or recovery of valuable metals from product streams.
Magnetic handling

Magnetic handling

Handling / conveying

If you seek a solution for picking up, transporting or lifting steel products, you will find that the magnetic handling systems from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are exactly what you are looking for.


Elimination of undesirable magnetism

When magnetism in your product has a negative impact on the quality, you can eliminate this problem through the use of demagnetization equipment.

Industrial magnetic applications

Magnetic filter for chocolate

Metal particles in chocolate bars lead to recall.

The installation of magnets prevents these kinds of costly situations. This is the reason that all food products now first pass a magnet before they are processed or packaged. You can find more information about magnets for the food industry here.

Eddy Current Non-ferrous separator for recycling

Price of non-ferrous metal rising.

Clearly it makes a big difference for you whether you achieve a recovery of 88.8% or 98.8%. A better yield = more profit. Goudsmit has an extensively equipped test centre where we can determine which system will provide you with the most effective separation. Read more about metal recovery here.

Magnetic gripper for handling in robot

Automation improves production speed.

Who isn't trying to achieve that? Handling magnets are simple, reliable and can significantly reduce production times, in the automotive industry for example. You can find more information about magnets for handling here.

Demagnetization on location

Magnetic oil pipeline.

"Oil pipeline project in India delayed due to magnetism."
Magnetic steel is almost impossible to weld, and it attracts contaminants, which causes problems such as preventing the proper adhesion of coatings. A demagnetization tunnel is the ultimate solution for demagnetizing your pipes and thus neutralizing undesirable magnetism. Read all about demagnetizing here.