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Cattle / animal feeds

Do your hammermills, palletizers, or mixing, grinding or other equipment occasionally suffer damage? Or do your processes entail a risk of dust explosions? Are you ever confronted with damage claims? Magnet systems prevent damage to expensive equipment caused by bulk flows contaminated with iron particles. Our magnet systems can be built into vertical pneumatic conveying lines, above conveyor belts or in existing systems such as vibratory conveyors. They remove iron contamination as small as around 50 µm from bulk flows, such as maize, grain, malt, barley, sugar, cocoa beans, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, tapioca or soya beans.

magnet in cattle feed


External pole magnets manual quick cleaning

These external pole magnets filter ferromagnetic contamination from free-fall lines. Cleaning is quick and easy, by means of an extractor plate (quick cleaning).

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External pole magnets automatic cleaning

External pole systems are a good solution for applications with large amounts of ferrous contamination and where operator access is impossible. Automatic cleaning, without production stop.

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Cleanflows semi-automatic cleaning - Static

For magnetic filtration of small quantities of metal contamination from dry, free-flowing powders and granulates in non-pressurized pipes. Semi-automatic cleaning (Easy-clean).

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Cascade magnets

Cascade magnets filter ferromagnetic contamination from coarse raw materials and provide optimal flow. The cascade arrangement forces the product to closely pass three plate magnets. Automatic cleaning.

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Permanent bullet magnets

The most effective separation system in terms of price/quality. With powerful ferrite magnet core. Manual cleaning.

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Electro bullet magnets

Less powerful than permanent version, yet with fully automatic cleaning (with production stop) and therefore suitable for automatic production processes.

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Magnetic plates ferrite

Cost effective. Overbelt placement or installation against a free-fall line. Often used in the recycling industry or for protection of grinding mills. Not suitable for the food industry.

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Magnetic plates neodymium (Neoflux®)

Powerful and compact. For dry or wet use; also suitable for the food industry.

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Magnetic drum separators standard 3000 gauss

Applications in free-fall chutes for powders, granulates, fibres and coarse materials. Not suitable for the food industry.

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Magnetic drum separators food/pharma 9000 gauss

Applications in free-fall chutes. Strong neodymium magnet, capable of removing very small particles of ferrous contamination. Suitable for the food industry.

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Ferrite overband magnets

Suitable for thin to thick layers and do not require a control box. Very reliable and available in many belt widths. Transverse or inline installation above your conveyor belt.

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Neodymium overband magnets

Suitable for fine fractions in thin layers; also separate weakly magnetic particles. No control box required. Transverse or inline installation above conveyor belt. Also for mobile applications.

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Electro overband magnets

Electromagnetic overband magnets have a deeply penetrating magnetic field and are therefore suitable for very thick layers. A control box is required. Installation perpendicular to or in line with conveyor belt.

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Chute magnets

Chute magnets are used for powder streams in free-fall or chute applications; a simple solution for removal of ferromagnetic contamination.

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Electromagnetic suspended magnets

Removal of large pieces of steel from bulk flows or in the recycling industry. Suitable for larger installation heights. Can be switched on and off.

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