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Offshore / energy (handling)

In the offshore industry switchable lifting magnets can be used for attaching catwalks to oil platforms. And there are even complete systems for mooring bunkering vessels. Such systems make the traditional use of hawsers and winches unnecessary, and they also enable ships to raft together using high quality switchable permanent magnets. Goudsmit also has demagnetizing equipment for eliminating magnetic fields from pipelines. This is mainly necessary when welding is to be performed.

demagnetizing oil pipelines


Magnetic filters, industrial, external pole

Very robust filter, suitable for filtering ferrous contamination out of products such as pulp in the paper industry. Large solids can also pass, because there is nothing to obstruct the passage. Manual cleaning.

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Magnetic inspection rods

Magnetic inspection rods enable you to determine whether your product is contaminated with ferromagnetic (Fe) particles. The inspection rods attract very fine Fe particles as small as 30 microns.

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Gauss meter / teslameter

The gaussmeter/teslameter measures the local flux density, of a surface for example. The measurements can be displayed in units of tesla, gauss, kA/m or oersted.

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Magswitch handling magnets

Magswitch handling magnets are suitable for picking up both flat and uneven ferromagnetic parts.

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Electro holding magnets

The round electro holding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects.

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Manual magnetic lifters for flat & round objects

Suitable for: lifting flat or round ferromagnetic objects. Application: lifting steel loads, machine parts or work pieces at locations without power.

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Electrically switched lifting magnet for flat & round

These lifting magnets are suitable for lifting flat or round ferromagnetic objects. Application: lifting steel objects.

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Demagnetization - Service on location

We also remove undesired magnetism as a service. You can send us your product, or our specialist can come to you to solve your problem.

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Ferrite overband magnets

Suitable for thin to thick layers and do not require a control box. Very reliable and available in many belt widths. Transverse or inline installation above your conveyor belt.

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Neodymium overband magnets

Suitable for fine fractions in thin layers; also separate weakly magnetic particles. No control box required. Transverse or inline installation above conveyor belt. Also for mobile applications.

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Electro overband magnets

Electromagnetic overband magnets have a deeply penetrating magnetic field and are therefore suitable for very thick layers. A control box is required. Installation perpendicular to or in line with conveyor belt.

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Mobile demagnetization unit

The compact, mobile demagnetization unit is flexible and easy to move. Ideal for hard-to-reach places or when you don't need to demagnetize daily.

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