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Metal- Steel production

During the production of steel, magnets ensure that the process proceeds safely. For example, large electromagnets are used to handle huge rolls of steel sheet. These are difficult to lift, but special magnets make it possible to do this quickly and safely.

But handling is not the only place they are used; magnets can also be found in the production process itself. Electro overband magnets remove pieces of iron from cokes and coals before they go into the furnace. Magnetic filters keep the lubricating oil iron-free during production.

heavy lifting magnets for steel production


Magswitch handling magnets

Magswitch handling magnets are suitable for picking up both flat and uneven ferromagnetic parts.

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Electro holding magnets

The round electro holding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects.

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Manual magnetic lifters for flat & round objects

Suitable for: lifting flat or round ferromagnetic objects. Application: lifting steel loads, machine parts or work pieces at locations without power.

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Electrically switched lifting magnet for flat & round

These lifting magnets are suitable for lifting flat or round ferromagnetic objects. Application: lifting steel objects.

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