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Metal - Shipyards

At shipyards there is a frequent need to move large, extremely thick plates of steel.

The use of magnets is an ideal solution. Lifting magnets can be positioned easily and switch on and off quickly. When electromagnetic lifting magnets are used there is not even any need for an operator. This is important, particularly in places where steel is used extensively, such as at shipyards.

shipyards electro lifting magnets


Magnetic sweepers/brooms

Magnetic brooms 'sweep up' iron particles from clean or rough floors or sandy surfaces; they are mainly used areas where iron is difficult or impossible to sweep up or is not visible, such as in sand.

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Magswitch handling magnets

Magswitch handling magnets are suitable for picking up both flat and uneven ferromagnetic parts.

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Electro holding magnets

The round electro holding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects.

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Manual magnetic lifters for flat & round objects

Suitable for: lifting flat or round ferromagnetic objects. Application: lifting steel loads, machine parts or work pieces at locations without power.

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Electrically switched lifting magnet for flat & round

These lifting magnets are suitable for lifting flat or round ferromagnetic objects. Application: lifting steel objects.

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