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Metal - Metal processing / finishing

When it comes to processing metal a tremendous number of different processes are used. These include machining, welding, polishing, grinding and coating. For all these processes magnets are used to simplify the operation or to achieve higher quality of the finished product.

Examples include:

  1. Holding or securing a work piece so it can be ground or polished. Switchable magnetic chuck plates have been developed for this purpose as well as complete magnetic conveyors that guide the work piece through the machine.
  2. The abrasive blasting of work pieces: after blasting, the steel grit must be separated from the paint residue. Magnets are also suitable for separating steel grit from ceramic grit so that no ferrous contaminants are introduced in the stainless steel. Magnetic drum separators are often used for separating steel grit.
  3. When a work piece itself has become magnetic after mechanical processing, it will attract iron dust. When it is time to coat the work piece at a later stage this will lead to poor adhesion. It can also cause problems with welding. Goudsmit removes residual magnetism at your convenience, even on location, or supplies the required demagnetizing equipment.
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Magnetic drum separators standard 3000 gauss

Applications in free-fall chutes for powders, granulates, fibres and coarse materials. Not suitable for the food industry.

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Magnetic sweepers/brooms

Magnetic brooms 'sweep up' iron particles from clean or rough floors or sandy surfaces; they are mainly used areas where iron is difficult or impossible to sweep up or is not visible, such as in sand.

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Magnetic grippers

Magnetic grippers are suitable for picking up flat, ferromagnetic objects (e.g. stamped and perforated steel sheets).

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Electromagnetic bar magnets

Electromagnetic bar magnets are suitable for picking up, holding and releasing small ferromagnetic objects such as steel sheets, pipes, tubes, profiles and scrap parts.

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Electro holding magnets

The round electro holding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects.

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Plate demagnetizers

Plate demagnetizers are used for the removal of magnetism from flat metal products or those that are magnetized on one side only.

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Demagnetizing tunnels with rectangular passage

Intended for long, thin-walled products and materials with an irregular surface. Can be used in combination with conveyor belt or roller conveyor for products packed in boxes or on pallets.

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Demagnetizing tunnels with round passage

Suitable for installation in a pipe system and for the demagnetization of round objects. Also for links in push belts or balls in ball bearings.

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Low-frequency demagnetizing tunnels

Low-frequency demagnetization tunnels have high penetration power and are therefore suitable for thick-walled or solid objects; also for hardened steel or packaged products.

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Demagnetization bars

For the demagnetization of tools and machine parts in difficult-to-reach places. For example, in workshops, tool-making shops, machine building and for watch repairs.

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Portable demagnetizers with round passage

For the demagnetization of tools and small materials. For example, drill bits and chisels, tools and small parts.

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