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Demagnetization tunnels

Demagnetization/degaussing tunnels are suitable for the demagnetization of all sorts of products that have undesirable residual magnetism. A distinction is made between low-frequency and high-frequency demagnetization; high-frequency tunnels demagnetize thin-walled steel products at a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The tunnel can be connected directly to mains power. Low-frequency tunnels are required for thick-walled, hard steel or solid products and require a special control box (low-frequency generator).

For automated demagnetization processes, degaussing tunnels are available in combination with a conveyor belt or roller conveyor on request.

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Demagnetizing tunnels with rectangular passage

Intended for long, thin-walled products and materials with an irregular surface. Can be used in combination with conveyor belt or roller conveyor for products packed in boxes or on pallets.

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Demagnetizing tunnels with round passage

Suitable for installation in a pipe system and for the demagnetization of round objects. Also for links in push belts or balls in ball bearings.

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Low-frequency demagnetizing tunnels

Low-frequency demagnetization tunnels have high penetration power and are therefore suitable for thick-walled or solid objects; also for hardened steel or packaged products.

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