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Short description

Suitable for installation in a pipe system and for the demagnetization of round objects. Also for links in push belts or balls in ball bearings.

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  • Min. passage diameter 100 mm
  • Max. passage diameter 200 mm
  • Max. penetration depth 10 mm
  • Frequency 50 Hz
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Demagnetizing tunnels with round passage1
  • Demagnetizing tunnels with round passage2
  • Demagnetizing tunnels with round passage3
  • Demagnetizing tunnels with round passage4
  • Demagnetizing tunnels with round passage5

Detailed product description

The round demagnetizing tunnels are suitable for installation in pipe systems and for the demagnetization/degaussing of round, thin-walled products (up to 10 mm wall thickness).


  • pipes
  • balls in ball bearings
  • links in push belts
  • steel wool in air filter systems
  • steel blasting grit for blast cleaning


Passage diameter
Apparent power


PriceStockArticle numberProduct keyPassage diameterApparent power
EDTD010002.JPGMore informationRequest an offerHDTU-H-O-D0100-230V-B100 mm523 VA
Demag_tunnel_HDTU-H-O-D0150-230V-B.jpgMore informationRequest an offerHDTU-H-O-D0150-230V-B150 mm1308 VA
Demag_tunnel_HDTU-H-O-D0200-230V-B.JPGMore informationRequest an offerHDTU-H-O-D0200-230V-B200 mm1565 VA