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Short description

Low-frequency demagnetization tunnels have high penetration power and are therefore suitable for thick-walled or solid objects; also for hardened steel or packaged products.

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  • Max. passage dimensions 600x600 mm
  • Max. penetration depth 500 mm
  • Frequency 0.1 - 3 Hz
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Low-frequency demagnetizing tunnels
  • Low-frequency demagnetizing tunnels for big bearing
  • Low-frequency demagnetizing tunnel 1
  • Low-frequency demagnetizing tunnels control unit

Detailed product description

Low-frequency demagnetization tunnels have high penetrating power. They operate at a frequency between 0.1 and 3 Hz, giving them maximum penetrating power. For products up to 500 mm thick (applies to untreated steel).

Suitable for demagnetization/degaussing of:

  • thick or solid products, such as rails and shafts;
  • hardened steel products such as dies and moulds;
  • products that are packed more than one to a box.


Passage size
Power supply


PriceStockArticle numberProduct keyPassage sizePower supply
Demagnetizing_tunnel_HDTU-L-R-0600x0600-LF-B.jpgMore informationRequest an offerHDTU-L-R-0500x0400-LF-B500x400 mm31 A; 2195 W (70 V AC)
Demagnetizing_tunnel_HDTU-L-R-0600x0600-LF-B.jpgMore informationRequest an offerHDTU-L-R-0600x0600-LF-B600x600 mm75 A; 15 kW (200 V AC)


  • integrated roller conveyer / conveyor belt