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Short description

Plate demagnetizers are used for the removal of magnetism from flat metal products or those that are magnetized on one side only.


  • Compact
  • Available with conveyor system
  • Min. demag surface area 200x70 mm
  • Max. demag surface area 420x300 mm
  • Max. penetration depth 10 mm
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Plate demagnetizer
Plate demagnetizers auto
Plate demagnetizer2

Detailed product description

Plate demagnetizers (demagnetization tables or degaussing tables) are suitable for demagnetizing/degaussing flat or single-sided magnetic products up to 10 mm thick. A plate demagnetizer is intended for locations where there is too little space to build in a tunnel, or for installation under an existing conveyor belt.

For automated demagnetization processes, plate demagnetizers are available in combination with a conveyor belt or roller conveyor on request.

Specially developed for:

  • grinding shops (wet grinding)
  • galvanizing companies
  • machine construction
  • packaging machines


Dimension demagnetizing surface
Apparent power


  • integrated roller conveyer / conveyor belt