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Short description

Suitable for the removal of large pieces of ferromagnetic contamination. The manually cleaned cascade magnet is used when cleaning frequency must not exceed 1x per day.

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  • Quick cleaning with extractor plates
  • Capacity 50 - 350 m³/h
  • Suitable for ATEX II 3D
  • Overall height 885 to 1165 mm
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Cascade magnets manual quick cleaning
Cascade magnets manual quick cleaning in use
Cascade magnets manual quick cleaning brush

Detailed product description


The standard version manually cleaned cascade magnet has three cascade stages (a 2-stage version is also available as a special order item). Every stage has a flat magnet against the enclosure. These magnets generate a powerful, deep magnetic field that traps/filters the Fe particles out of the product flow and retains them until they are cleaned.
Important note: cleaning only possible during a production stop.

While the product is flowing the magnets are held securely against the housing by special clamps.

Dust explosion-proof version Ex II 3D in accordance with ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, suitable for use in ATEX zone 22 (external).


To clean the filtered Fe particles from the magnets, the magnets must be manually pulled away from the housing (a handle is provided on each magnet for this purpose). On cascades without extractor plate the Fe particles must then be wiped off the magnet by hand. On cascades with extractor plate the Fe particles fall off automatically as the extractor plate is swung away from the magnet.

After the magnets have been cleaned and are secured against the housing again, the product flow can be resumed.


Product inlet/outlet size
Max. capacity


  • version with extractor plate
  • 2 magnets instead of 3 / cascade arrangement
  • housing made of AISI316 stainless steel instead of 304