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Short description

For magnetic filtration of small quantities of metal contamination from dry, free-flowing powders and granulates in free-fall pipes. Semi-automatic cleaning (Easy-clean).

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  • 1 Row of Ø50 mm bars
  • Semi-automatic cleaning
  • Capacity 3 - 80 m³/h
  • Pressure-tight to 2 bar
  • ATEX II -/2 D
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Cleanflows semi-automatic cleaning - Static 1
  • Cleanflows semi-automatic cleaning - Static 2
  • Cleanflows semi-automatic cleaning - Static 3
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Detailed product description


This type of static Cleanflow/drawer magnet (Easy-clean) is suitable for dry, free-flowing powders and granulates in free-fall pipes. Not suitable for sticky/fatty powders, because they can result in clogging. Read about the use for sugar here.


The static, semi-automatic Cleanflow magnets contain 1 row with thick magnetic bars of Ø50 mm. This results in optimal capture of iron particles. These bars are sealed stainless steel tubes inside of which a magnet bundle moves up and down.


The magnet unit can be pulled out (manually) after the product flow is stopped. As soon as they reach the end of travel, the magnets automatically move to the ‘out’ position (pneumatically) within their enclosing tubes. The captured metal particles then fall off the tube because they have moved outside the magnetic field. When the magnet unit is put back in place, the magnets automatically return to their ‘in’ position and the product flow can be resumed.


Product inlet/outlet size
Max. capacity



  • adapters from square to round
  • suitable for high temperatures (to 140°C) - not available in combination with ATEX
  • removable collecting tray
  • door sensor
  • deflector flange
  • detection switch (if magnets are in or out)
  • surface finish: polish / wet blast
  • flange-seals
  • thin-walled tube (0.7 mm) for catching weakly-magnetic parts (fully 316L)