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Short description

Robust filter with double-walled enclosure to prevent coagulation of viscous products. Filters magnetic and even weakly magnetic ferrous contamination out of substances such as chocolate. Manual cleaning (quick cleaning).

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  • Double-walled enclosure
  • Capture Fe particles from 30 µm to 2 mm
  • Flanges DN50-DN100 (EN 1092-1)
  • Max. 10 bar / 140 °C
  • Magnetic bars Ø23 mm in extractor tube (Ø25 mm, 8000 gauss)
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Magnetic filters, industrial, double-walled
  • Magnetic filters, industrial, double-walled closed
  • Magnetic filters, industrial, double-walled brush
  • Magnetic filters, industrial, double-walled chocolate
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Detailed product description


With the double-walled filter (magnetic liquid trap) a hot liquid can flow through the outer chamber, to prevent congealing of the product (e.g. chocolate) against the outer wall. It can also be used in the food industry when there is little risk of bacterial growth.


The industrial double-walled magnetic liquid filter is a very robust filter, which is fitted standard with EN 1092-1 PN16 flanges.


Once the product flow is stopped, the entire magnet unit must be removed from the product chute. Then the magnetic bars can be pulled out of the extractor tubes (as a unit), causing the Fe particles to fall off of the extractor tubes.


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