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Short description

Very robust filter, suitable for filtering ferrous contamination out of products such as pulp in the paper industry. Large solids can also pass, because there is nothing to obstruct the passage. Manual cleaning.

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  • Capture Fe particles from 1 - 50 mm
  • Flanges DN100-DN250 (EN 1092-1)
  • Max. 10 bar / 60 °C
  • Plate magnets on side (6000 gauss)
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Magnetic filters, industrial, external pole open
Magnetic filters, industrial, external pole closed
Magnetic filters, industrial, external pole SZFN

Detailed product description


The very robustly made external pole industrial magnetic filter is particularly suited for larger capacities. An example of a common application is pulp in the paper industry; it is not suitable for the food industry.


This industrial magnetic filter contains plate magnets (on the sides of the product channel) instead of magnetic bars. Because these magnets are not located in the product stream, this magnet system permits better flow than those made with bar magnets. This type of magnetic filter has flat flanges of type EN 1092-1.


After the product stream is stopped, the magnets must be swung outwards. Then the magnets can be wiped clean by hand.


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