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Short description

The round electro holding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects.

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  • For small objects up to 10 mm thick
  • Max. lifting power: up to 170 kg
  • Electromagnet
  • Switching: electric
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Electromagnetic holding magnet

Detailed product description


The holding field of round holding electromagnets penetrates less deeply, making them especially well-suited for picking up, holding and releasing thin ferromagnetic objects (up to 10 mm thick).
A potential problem when picking up thin sheets is that the magnetic field extends too deeply and therefore lifts two sheets at a time. The use of many small electromagnets (holding solenoids) prevents multiple sheets from being picked up simultaneously.
The maximum lateral load is approximately 1/4 of the maximum holding force.

Working principle

Electromagnetic holding magnets attract a workpiece when the coil in the magnet is switched on; when the coil is switched off, the magnet immediately releases.

Permanent electro holding magnets have permanent magnet force and operate in exactly the opposite way. Switching on the magnet neutralizes this permanent magnet force so the magnet is temporarily 'switched off'. These magnets are an ideal solution when the system must also reliably hold the workpiece in the unpowered state.

Switching/power supply

Electrical switching and the power supply are provided via a control box.


Max. holding force
Magnetic system