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Short description

Magnetic grippers are suitable for picking up flat, ferromagnetic objects (e.g. stamped and perforated steel sheets).

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  • For sheets with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm
  • Max. lifting power: up to 45 kg
  • Permanent magnet
  • Switching: pneumatic
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Detailed product description


If you want to have a robot pick up sheets with a thickness of 6 mm, magnetic grippers are a good solution.

These industrial robot end effectors can be used to grab things such as:

  • pressed or perforated steel parts and sheets;
  • punched steel materials;
  • metal mesh parts.
For transport and transfer applications in:
  • automatic production lines;
  • press-to-press transfers;
  • robots: pick-and-place systems.

End-of-arm tooling for sheets

Several important considerations:

  • When working with thin sheets (≤1 mm) you must consider the ‘peeling off effect’. This reduces the maximum breakaway force. In this situation it is better to create a construction with multiple smaller grippers (e.g. 40 x 40 mm) than one or two large grippers.
  • A sheet can be damaged when the gripper contacts the sheet. If this is a problem, choose the version with a protective polyurethane cap (friction type).
  • When working with oiled sheets or high acceleration of the robotic arm, a sheet can shift position. This, too, can be prevented through use of the type with a polyurethane friction pad.
  • Sometimes the surface of a sheet is not flat, in which case vacuum grippers will not work; then magnetic grippers are an ideal solution. The more contact surface area the better, but a magnetic gripper always works (on ferromagnetic steel) – even on a round shape.
  • Another situation in which vacuum will not work is for sheets with holes. This poses no problem for a magnetic gripper. Do be sure to choose a gripper with larger dimensions than the hole, and test the chosen solution thoroughly.
  • For small workpieces Goudsmit has very small grippers in the product range with a low installation height that provide extra strength to hold the workpiece. For example, choose type HGR-RO-020.
  • For thin plates (≤4 mm) and oily plates that stick together, the robot sometimes picks up several sheets together. Sheet separators prevent this. These are available both in permanent and pneumatically switchable versions.


The magnetic gripper is switched pneumatically. This moves the magnetic field and switches it on and off. Control is possible via a 5/3 or even a 5/2 valve.
A magnetic gripper that has been switched on will not let go, even if the air pressure or power supply is interrupted.


Max. tear off force



  • suitable for high temperatures (to 120°C)
  • magnetic reed sensor
  • vulcanized friction pad for extra grip and product protection